About Casting Kids

As a mum of two children, I wanted to give my children some financial security for when they reached 18, so I decided to enrol my first child into the world of acting and modelling. From the age of six my son was going to castings and getting jobs, and very soon my daughter started doing the same. Not only has it given them some spending money, it has given them both huge amounts of confidence and already a great work ethic. Both my children have accomplished acting, modelling, voice-overs, commercials, infomercials and theatre to give them some pocket money now, but more importantly, some money for when they reach adulthood.

They have worked on films such as “Get Him to the Greek” with Russell Brand, “360” with Sir Anthony Hopkins, TV series such as “Foyles War”, adverts such as “Silvikrin Hairspray” and also performed at The Barbican Theatre in The West End in “Carousel” to name a few. The deal was, they spent 20% of what they earned now and saved the rest for when they were 18. My son, just having turned 18, was given his money which has now set him up for his career in Music to go to University.

However not all Agencies are good to work with, some take large sums of money with promises to find work for the kids but all to no avail and YOU are out of pocket! Some Agencies have too many children on their books, therefore they might not put your child forward. Over time my children have been registered with a number of Agencies, but all have been in London as I have never been able to find an Agency locally. Although the castings are nearly always in London, I thought it would be nice for mums and dads to have a local Agency to deal with.

Northamptonshire Childrens Casting Agency

‘Casting Kids’ is a small Northamptonshire Agency that can provide your children with work within film, commercials, voice-overs, modelling and Theatre, having peace of mind that your children are likely to be put forward for consideration by Casting Directors within the industry. Having over 10 years experience of the industry and hundreds of castings, I can help you to get your children in front of these Directors to give you the best opportunity and chance of your child finding work.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.
Kind Regards, Elaine Eaglestone [call me]