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Children's On Screen TV & Film Acting Classes

Our children’s classes aim to give children an understanding of the knowledge, acting skills and techniques to succeed in the Film and TV industry, specialising in that field. We recognise that as Northamptonshire’s leading casting agency, Casting Kids can provide up and coming talent to the screen. Please note it is not a mandatory requirement to attend classes, however one assessment class may need to be attended to join Casting Kids.

Fledglings to Eagles – Mentor Programme

We are committed to supporting our young actors in their journeys to become professional actors as adults. We support not just the actors but also their families as much as possible. This year we have launched our mentor programme for teen actors. We are incredibly proud of this project and hope it will help and guide young actors into successful careers. Working alongside the actors at Eaglestone management, the Teens will have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as guidance and support from actors working in the industry. This will not only help the learn how the industry works but also how to manage finances, how to network and most importantly how to look after their mental health.  The purpose of the programme is to prepare the teens for the transition from Casting Kids (fledglings) to Eaglestone Management when they turn 18 and we at Casting Kids no longer hold their hand to guide them but let them fly.

Structures & Practical children's acting classes

Our children’s TV and Film acting classes include:

  • audition technique for commercial, film and stage
  • teaching basic acting skills
  • the differences between stage and screen performances
  • how to achieve emotionally truthful performance
  • how to behave on a film set
  • cold reading
  • adapting performance to the size of the shot
  • developing listening and reacting skills
  • improvisation
  • technical skills for acting on camera
  • how to create a piece for a show-reel
  • how on screen differs from stage
  • converting your talent to a genuine career
  • inspiring general confidence, social interaction and creativity

Venue & dates

See below for venue details, along with times and prices.


Time – Sunday’s 10am – 12pm 5-10 yr old’s & 12pm – 2pm 11-18 yr old’s

2021 Term Dates

9th Jan – 25th Apr

9th May – 22nd Aug

29th Aug – 24th Oct

7th Nov – 19th Dec


Classes are held weekly on term dates below online on Zoom. Email for more info.

The cost is £50 a month* for a weekly 2 hr session paid in advance via standing order on the 1st of the month. Assessment to join the agency to see if your child is suitable for a one-off cost of £12.50 for a 2hr class session.