Open day success

Casting Kids opened its books for the very first time on Saturday 1st October 2016. The day was very long, but a huge success! Children and their parents arrived one after the other, pretty much every 15 minutes. The children were asked a few questions about where they go to school, if they had any pets and what they enjoy doing – just to get them chatting and to see how confident they were at talking to strangers. Believe me, they were all very chatty!

Next, it was the photo shoot. Richard Moore the photographer was great with the kids, he had them all laughing their heads off! He kept calling them different names on purpose and asking them if they liked chocolate chicken! He took the children into the studio on their own, as often they look at their parents rather than the camera. If the parents are there watching, kids don’t act the same around their parents as they do with strangers. He took some amazing shots, ready for their profiles.

Whilst the children were having their photos done, the parents asked me questions. A common question is “How much time will my child have off school?” The answer is pretty simple, it shouldn’t affect their education, most castings are after school and the shoot itself is usually in school time, but can also be at weekends.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the first intake saw 19 children signed to Casting Kids. Now the hard work begins and the castings start to happen. We have taken on some fantastic children and who knows, you might just see them on TV very soon!