Casting Kids is Spotlight Approved!

This week saw Casting Kids approved by the industry’s leading casting directory – Spotlight. This is where the majority of the Casting Directors post their jobs for agents to access. Once we answered all the questions and gave all the information they required we had to wait for a decision. It was a nail biting time, but rest assured Casting Kids was given Spotlight’s ‘seal of approval’ and we now have all Casting Kids clients set up on Spotlight, with the first ‘job applications’ already posted.

Spotlight informed us how seriously they take the registration process, particularly for new agencies. Rightly so – their vetting process is rigorous, but ensures that only the highest quality casting agencies are listed, thus maximising opportunities for children registered with Spotlight approved casting agencies. We are proud and delighted to meet the standards required by the UK’s leading Casting Directory.

The other news this week, is that we have decided to raise the bar, by sending out monthly ‘breakdown’ emails to all clients. This reports what ‘jobs’ children have been put forward for. This is a rare signature of quality within the casting industry, but we feel that there is nothing to hide and want our clients to know that we are working hard for them.

Some agencies take on thousands of children, and the parents have no way of knowing if their child is being put forward for work. This is fine if they have the staff to make sure each and every child is being put forward for every possible job, but many do not! At Casting Kids, we want to show parents that we are transparent in everything we do, so they have peace of mind knowing they have picked the right agency!